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Fashion for Haiti

Posted by KeiraDazi on

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Dazzling Arabian Fashions

Posted by KeiraDazi on

I can assure you, this is not a fashion blog about Swarovski. However, I could hardly contain myself when I saw the elegant designs featuring their crystals on display now! I just had to make my second post about the beautiful Arabian fashions they contributed to. Jawaher is the name of the new initiative from Swarovski Elements, which celebrates the elegance and glamour of Arabian women today. Jawaher highlights the fashion connoisseur in the Middle East with pieces that have been created by world-renowned designers using crystal as a creative material to show a light fuelled allure. The designers, including Allessanra Rich, Sohad Acouri, Zaid Anton and more, have all sought out to create items to reflect the kind of glamorous lifestyle we all aspire to have, while still keeping with Middle Eastern tradition. And they are breathtaking! Check out the pieces in the video below!


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From October 20 - November 1, the Jawaher collection will be on public display in London at the SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ lounge. So if you're lucky enough to live in or around London, go check out the designs!!

For details on the Exhibition, visit their Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/bCPdOy </span> </span>




Posted by KeiraDazi on

Welcome Fashionistas and Fashionistos! Upon browsing through sooo many fabulous fashion blogs, I finally decided to make one myself. Granted fashion has never really been one of my strong points, (I can barely match my socks!), I do appreciate a good look when I see one. This is a place where I will post any interesting finds I come across. Now to make this blog stand apart..

I'm going to focus on fashion with a cause. Yes, even something as vain as $10,000 dollar evening gown can serve a greater purpose than just making one look ridiculously attractive. Which is why I'd like to start this with a post on an event I firmly support this season:

22 Ways to Say Black

Sworovski Elements, the American Cancer Society, Philips de Pury, and 22 of the world's most renowned designers debuted a very special social media campaign to help find a cure for cancer this month. Together, they're introducing, "22 ways to say Black."

Donna Karan, Fendi, Armani, Diane Von Furstenburg, among others, designed 22 customed little black dresses adorned with sparkling Sworovski Elements. The dresses will be auctioned off at a glamourous event in NYC, right after fashion week, on the September 20th, 2010. 100% of the proceeds are going to the American Cancer Society, and La Ligue Contre le Cancer in France!